Thank you for your interest in NH's Pagan Pride Day!

***PLEASE NOTE: Due to circumstances beyone our control this year, we have moved the event location to the Manchester UU Church on 669 Union Street, Manchester NH.***

The purpose of NH's Pagan Pride Day is multi-fold. This is a day for those of us in the NH community to gather and celebrate the common bond we all have. With many things to do such as public rituals, drumming circles, childrens activities, wonderful vendors to shop at, and workshops to attend, this is sure to be an exciting day for all! And, of course, we also hope to help strengthen the bond we have, as Pagans from the Granite State. Many of us see the huge need for community togetherness, and this is an excellent way for us all to leave our solitary lives, and come gather and celebrate together!

This event is also an education opportunity. An opportunity for us to show others the truth about of our way of life. How can we hope to enilghten people about our beliefs and practices if we're not willing to get out there and share with them?

We also use this event to help those in need in our community. We hold various charity drives during the event, including a food drive, and an animal shelter drive. We as Pagans know the importance of sharing our bounty with those around us, and what better atmosphere to acheive this in?

This event is fully open to the public, media, and all other religious groups. We just ask that you treat us with respect, as we would you. So whether you're a fellow Pagan who wants to embrace our identity, someone who is new to Paganism and may want some more information, or are simply curious about what all of this is, we welcome you! With all this stated, please browse through the links above to find out more about SNHPPD 2008.

*As a note, this and any other event we hold is not solely for Southern NH . We've had to name our event that this year because the National Pagan Pride Project has stopped allowing events to be named after the entire state, since that discourages others from holding multiple events in one state. Our event is open to ALL of NH, not just those of us in the Southern part.

**Southern New Hampshire Pagan Pride Day is one of hundreds of public Pagan Pride events worldwide, sponsored by the Pagan Pride Project, a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose mission is the advancement of religion and elimination of prejudice and discrimination based on religious beliefs. The purpose of Pagan Pride Day is to foster pride in Pagan identify through education, activism, charity, and community. For more information, please visit the Pagan Pride Project.

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